Not long until the next Apple event now and AppleInsider has a rumour thatthe new iPod nano will be square in shape and that the new ipod Touch will feature 3G data only connectivity similar to that on the iPad.

“People familiar with the matter indicated that the size and shape of the device, revealed this week through photos of third-party cases, will be more akin to the iPod shuffle than the current-generation iPod nano. Even with this small size, however, it is expected to have a traditional iPod dock connector, allowing compatibility with the existing iPod accessory ecosystem.”

Sources also say that Apple has strongly considered adding a 3G option to some of its iPod touch portable media players, following on the success of the introduction of 3G data only connection on the iPad for an additional fee over the WiFi only model. Its not clear if this will be announced at the event in a few days but 4th-generation prototypes with a SIM tray akin to the iPhone 4’s are said to exist.

“At a minimum, Apple is widely expected to introduce a fourth-generation, FaceTime-equipped iPod touch with front and rear facing cameras and the iPhone 4 Retina display.”

Source: AppleInsider