Libox is a service to enable you to stream your digital media content to a web browser on your iPhone.

You install the client on your PC or Mac and set it up to scan and index your media content, images, music or videos. You can then log onto the Libox service from anywhere in the world via a web browser or the new iPhone App and, provided your main computer is still on, stream and watch anything from back home.

Libox Medai Streaming

Libox is a new company formed by Israeli Erez Pilosof, who also founded Walla!, the Israeli equivalent of Yahoo! You can also share your media with other friends on Libox although how long this will be allowed to continue in this age of DRM and anti-piracy I’m not sure.

The service is very similar to Orb which has been around a lot longer, although Orb looks more complicated to set-up and doesn’t offer sharing.