Users have been clamouring for a “Dislike” button for a slong as there has been a “Like” button, and some scammers have decided to fill this whole, with an application claiming to allow a Dislike button within feed stories.

“After completing the process (as first illustrated by Graham Cluley), users are redirected to install the FaceMod Firefox add-on which provides a dislike button add-on. In recent weeks there have been a number of similar scams, all of which tend to generate thousands of dollars for the scammers behind the misleading applications. Some of the more recent scams include a fake Justin Bieber video, a McDonald’s customer application, as well as a number of others.

Most of these scams have been taking place over the weekend when most of the Facebook employees are not on staff to handle the problems. Ultimately Facebook will shut down this application, however in the mean time, plenty of people have been exposed to the scam. Make sure your friends don’t fall for the scam by sharing this article!”

Source: All Facebook