I like the iPad – I’m thinking of getting one, but I’m not sure how much I’d use 3G out and about. I might even be in the 27%  who never take their iPad out of the house. But I’d like to have the option of doing it if I want to, I’d like a Connected iPad.

iPad Image

Right now the iPad is sold “Sim Free”, “Off Contract” or any other term you like for an outright purchase. But where are the subsidised options? The iPad should be like the plethora of “connected netbooks” (and many laptop contracts) that are available on the main UK networks – offered at a subsidised price with an 18 or 24 month commitment.

I bought a Dell Mini 9 from Vodafone (conveniently nearly 2 years ago now) and while I haven’t used the monthly 1GB inclusive data that came with it that much, I can’t tell you how many times it has come in handy when I’m somewhere without WiFi. I would love a similar deal for an iPad – no upfront cost, £25/month for 1Gb data over 24 months. Yes I know this works out more expensive than buying it outright and adding an iPad SIM card, but it’s just so convenient that I don’t really care.

I predict that by Christmas we’ll see connected iPads being sold by the O2, Vodafone and Orange, unless there is some restriction that forbids it from Apple? But why would they? It will only increase sales? I just wish they would hurry up, November 9th would be perfect for me!