In a move to complete its competitive lineup against the iPad Samsung has announced it’s Media Hub service that will allow Samsung supported devices to download movies and TV shows directly from a number of content partners including MTV, NBC Universal, Paramount and Warner, with next-day availability of some TV shows. At launch, the catalogue will contain more than 1,000 movies and TV shows, and Samsung will continue to add to the library over time. Pricing will be “similar to other services”.

Additionally an account downloading a movie or TV episode can watch it on up to 5 linked devices, no word on what these supported devices will be yet, but Samsung did confirm it would include the Galaxy S smartphone and new Galaxy Tab tablet. Samsung have a wide range of televisions and Blu-ray players that it could bring the Media Hub too which would be a logical extension of the service.

Samsung is also launching the ‘Readers Hub,’ a unique e-reading application, providing easy access to a vast digital library – from classical literature to the latest bestsellers and reference materials, and the ‘Music Hub,’ an application giving access to a wide range of music tunes.

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