VLC (Video Lan Client) has long been a massively popular cross-platform video player. It’s small and light, and plays just about any video format you can throw at it. Well VLC for the iPad has now been approved by Apple and is rolling out in the App Store. There is also an iPhone version being worked on that will be available soon.

This is a huge break for video consumers on iOS platforms, I have a wide array of movie/video clips either purchased from a variety of online sources or ‘home grown’ and the most common thing about them is that barely any of them are in the .mp4 format Apple requires to play on iOS devices. Having to convert and video file, creating a duplicate storage wasting version, purely to be able to take it out and about has always been off-putting. I’m sure a notable percentage of iTunes purchases are for films of shows that are already owned but for most people it’s easier to buy a second copy than go through the hassle of converting an existing one.