As a long time user of Foxmarks and then Xmarks, it’s sad to see that the service has announced it will be shutting down in 90 days.
xmarks service shutting down

A recent email and blog post state that running the xmarks service for free has eventually taken its toll on the company, and the search for a sustainable advertising model, outright sale or paid subscription model have all failed and the service will cease completely on January 10th 2011.

As a mobile tech user with 2 laptops and a desktop Xmarks was invaluable to me in keeping both bookmarks and passwords in sync across machines, and alternatives will now have to be looked at, although I fear none will ever be quite as good as Xmarks which fulfilled the vital role of sync software in that it “just worked” and never needed attention! So far only one alternative will sync passwords for free so I will be giving the Firefox Sync Add-on a review shortly.