Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg started the event today by confirming that they have been in what they call “lockdown” for several weeks. This has meant a freeze on all developments to the Facebook platform while they ready 3 new features.

1. Download your Information – you can now download everything off your profile, including your friends list, events, all of your messages, wall posts and all of your photos, into a zip file. You can access the “Download Your Information” feature from your account settings, and hit the download button.

2. A new dashboard for users that will allow users to see what Applications or Sites they have given permission to access their data. This is a simple way to stop or remove a certain application, particularly something you forgotten had access, or something that may have link-jacked it’s way into your profile.

3. New Groups interface:
Facebook October Announcement - Groups Image

Facebook will now allow you to map out your ‘real world’ groups into Facebook Groups, so you can now set a photo or status update to only be seen by a particular “group”. Groups have an icon, and a logo.”It’s mean to resemble a human space,” head of product Chris Cox added.

No details as yet when these features will rollout and in what order.