As part of a subtle change, Facebook has made a number of upgrades to their comments plugin. The changes bring in a new voting feature, users place or location, as well as the percentage of likes a comment gets on a thread, and threaded comments.

  1. User Location (Network) – Comments will now display a user’s location, school they are attending, or company that they are a part of depending on what details they’ve entered in their profile.
  2. Comment voting – While it doesn’t appear as though comments are prioritized, users can provide feedback and rate a comment as either positive or negative. That vote is then used to calculate the next feature.
  3. Feedback rating & comment count – The feedback rating is the percentage of votes that were positive. If a comment received no feedback, there won’t be a rating. Unclear if this will feedback as a way of avoiding spam or is just localised to the comment thread as yet.
  4. Threaded comments – you can reply to specific comments to create sub-conversations.

There may be more changes in the works, but this is a big step in enhancements to the current commenting system. Digg style rating and threaded comments will be massively popular.

Facebook upgraded comments rolled out

Source: All Facebook