The previously announced website has now gone live and is accepting new registrations, although you’ll need an as yet unreleased HTC Desire HD or Desire-Z to be able to use the site fully.

The website is designed to be a web based “control panel” for your compatible phone – currently on the HTC Desire HD and the Desire-Z are supported. The site will allow you to manage the following things, if you ever used SYNC some of this will be familiar to you.

  • Find your lost phone – make it ring loudly or send you it’s GPS location
  • Remotely lock your phone (useful if you do lose it!) and optionally erase it
  • Provides a web based backup of text messages, call logs, photos
  • Allows you to send and receive text message via the web interface
  • Manage and update your contacts
  • Trip planning (remotely manage places you want to visit and sync them to your phone)

Some HTC showcase images after the break: