The Viewpad 10 from Viewsonic is now available to pre-order on

The Viewpad 10 is the big brother to the Viewpad 7 and dual boots Windows 7 and Android OS. It has a ‘High Definition’ capacitive multi touch display (1024×600, 1GB DDR3 Memory and 16GB SSD Storage. Bluetooth and WiFi (802.11 b/g/n) are on board and the device measures W275mm x D170mm x H14.5mm and weighs 835g. The dual boot provides the best of both worlds with full windows when you need it, and instant-on Android OS (only 1.6 unfortunately) when you want to quickly check email or browse the web. Maplin have the same device for £499.99 so if the Amazon price holds its a much better deal.


Written By: Rob Gordon

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