From 1 December 2010, data roaming in Europe gets even easier with Vodafone Data Traveller. Opt in, and pay only £2 a day when you roam in Europe. Vodafone Data Traveller gives you 5MB in all European countries – boosted to 25MB in the countries you visit most often. And if you’re a frequent traveller, you can get Vodafone Data Traveller everyday for £10 a month.

Pay as you go
As a pay as you go customer, you don’t need to do a thing – you’ll automatically benefit from Vodafone Data Traveller and pay just £2 a day for each day you use it.

Pay monthly
If you’re on a price plan costing £40 a month or more and get at least 900 minutes, you’ll automatically get25MB a day at no extra cost.

To opt in call 40062 on 1st December from your Vodafone handset.

vodafone data traveller bundled international data roaming from 1st december 2010