The Viewsonic tablets have been available for a while now, there’s a Windows/Android dual-boot (Viewpad 10) version and an Android only (Viewpad 7) version. To encourage you to buy one of these shiny new tablets, Viewsonic are offering a ‘trade-in’ program whereby you can send in your old laptop and receive £125 off a Viewpad 10″ tablet, or £100 off a Viewpad 7″.

viewsonic trade-in program

“To qualify, your old Laptop or Netbook must be undamaged (reasonable wear and tear accepted), less than 4 years old, working and complete with functioning battery, and power supply” and the offer is only on until the end of December.

Of course this is substantially less than you will most probably get simply selling your 3-4 year old laptop on ebay, so we’re not sure how much take up they can expect to get from this?