doubletwist androidmarket searchDoubleTwist went legit some time ago and is now the de-facto method for pain free sync’ing of music, video and podcasts to your Android handset or tablet. With its latest version DoubleTwist has gone wireless allowing you to sync between your device and computer wirelessly as long as they’re on the same WiFi network.

The new update PC and Mac boxes is free and requires its updated Android counterpart (including the new AirSync component) which is $0.99 on the phone for the first 10,000 buyers, and then jumps to $4.99 after that.

doubletwist brings wireless syncing

So where is this feature in iTunes?? Rumours going back to the iTunes 10.0 upgrade suggested wireless sync’ing would be added, but there is still no sign of it. With Podcasts downloaded directly on the device often appearing as separate subscriptions when sync’d back to iTunes, this feature is long overdue.