Information Week is reporting that Samsung have now sold over 1 million Galaxy Tabs since launch. It has reached this figure in less than two months from launch, helped by it being available via virtually every outlet from online stores to carriers, SIM-free and subsidised on contract. Most of the UK carriers are offering it, Vodafone has it available across Europe and all 4 carriers in the USA are selling it.

No details on what this number means, sold in the hands of consumers, or ‘sold’ in the sales channels but not necessarily sold to consumers. Either way Samsung is pleased to have hit its predicted target of 1 million units in 2010 early, and has now increased its target to 1.5 million units by the end of the year and Samsung is planning to expand the line by introducing a model with a 10-inch display in the first half of next year.

samsung galaxy tab

Source: Information Week