In keeping with covering the growth of the number of Apps in theWindows Phone 7 Market (have covered the 1000 and 2000 milestones) it seems there are now just over 4000 Apps available.

Microsoft has certainly made good on its word that the Windows Phone 7 Market, while meagre at launch, would rapidly increase in numbers. 4000 Apps is still small when compared to the Apple App Store or Android Market but its certainly a good growth rate in a short space of time, and most importantly confirms that developers are willing to recognise the need for a Windows Phone 7 version of Apps.

According to WP7AppList, the website is tracking 4,172 apps of which 29% are free. The average price of an app, $1.40 (£0.89)  with nearly 1000 being added in the last 14 days alone.