Casio Develops Bluetooth Low Energy Watch

casio bluetooth low energy watchCasio has shown off their prototype Bluetooth Low Energy watch at CES2011. Designed in accordance with new Bluetooth® Core Specification Version 4.0 standards, Bluetooth® Low Energy is a new technology that enables wireless communications with very low power consumption, enabling the Casio watch to use a single button-cell battery, the same kind used in small devices and watches, and stay running for a claimed 2 years, although this is based on a prototype model.

The watch and a mobile phone can communicate over Bluetooh Low Energy allowing:

  • Accurate time information can be transmitted from a smart phone to the watch to ensure correct time
  • The watch includes an alert signal to notify of incoming calls and e-mail messages sent to the user’s smart phone
  • A smart phone’s ring alerts and vibration can be stopped by tapping the watch
  • Alarm and vibration functions of a smart phone can be activated using a watch button.

Of course there are no current devices to communictae with the watch, which itself is only a prototype but Casio says the actual watch is set to be released either late 2011, or early 2012 by which time Bluetooth Low Energy should be available in mobile phones.

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