facebook logoWarren Coakley from Dublin, Ireland, was loading his 2005 Audi A4 with clothes and bags for two of his children, he turned back into the house to get his baby from his wife to put in the car, and when he came back he saw a “stranger in the car” who then drove it away.

Mr Coakley immediately informed the Police, local radio and sent a message to MotorCheck.ie to keep an eye out for the car in case the thieves attempted to re-sell it. Finally Mr Coakley posted a message to Facebook about the theft and asked friends to keep an eye out for it.

The car was spotted in Mulhuddart Woods, not far from where it had been stolen, on 24 January by someone who had seen a Facebook status mentioning the vehicle. They contacted Mr Coakley, who in turn called the gardaí (Irish police). who were shocked he had managed to find the car himself.

Coakley told the Irish Sun that “people should never underestimate the power of Facebook”.

Warren Coakleys Stolen Audi A4 found by Facebook post
Image from Motorcheck.ie/Boards.ie