McDonalds to support contactless payments by Summer 2011

McDonalds has confirmed it plans to support contactless payments by the summer of 2011 in all its restaurants throughout the UK. Heavily promoted by VISA the technology was launched back in 2007 and there are approximately 12million enabled cards in circulation.

Many people have cards without even realising due to the lack of places to use it, with only limited trials being carried out in outlets such as Boots, Co-op and Subway, but total adoption by McDonalds could bring the technology to the attention of many more people. McDonalds cites drastically reduced waiting times and dcreased transaction costs as the main drivers behind their national implementation.

With some Android phones supporting NFC (Near Field Communications) and it being a rumoured feature of the next iPhone, contactless payment Apps should be readily available in 2011 too.

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