tns study uk leader in mobile social networkingA Global TNS study has been released showing the UK as the European leader in mobile social networking. TNS, the world’s largest market research company, today revealed the results of its survey comprising of more than 25,000 hours of interviews with over 34,000 consumers aged 16 – 60 years of age in 43 countries.

The key facts from this survey are:

  • 5.5 million, or 16%, of Britains access social networks every day from their mobile
  • 8 million (41%) mobile users in Britain do not social networking on their mobile but are interested in doing so.
  • The UK also leads Europe in downloading Apps (31%), watching social video (29%) and downloading games (26%) – driven by the fact that 17 million people own a smart phone today.

However, the research also reveals that the UK trails the world when it comes to purchasing consumer technology over the next six months, with almost half (49%) of UK Consumers not intending to part with their money for the latest gadgets.