three logoThree have been promoting the fact that they are the only UK network to offer truly unlimited data with their All You Can Eat (AYCE) data packages on both contract via The One Tariff and on PAYG.

So, we thought we’d give this a real world test, by using a Three handset on PAYG data for a month as much as we can and make sure that we don’t get charged for it.

Three have sent us a Samsung Omnia 7 Windows Phone 7 handset with a PAYG Sim on it with over £15 credit required to activate the AYCE data allowance.

samsung omnia 7

samsung omnia 7 wifi offStarting today we will use this handset for as much mobile data as we can squeeze out of it and check the credit balance each week. One of the first things we do with new mobile phones when we receive them is join our TotG WiFi network, but for this Data Test this is precisely what we won’t be doing. In fact we’re switching the WiFi service on the handset to OFF to make sure everything we do is over the Three network.

Below you can see the Three status page, showing £26.65 credit and an initial data usage of 142.55MB – we can’t see how to reset this yet, so we’ll just start at this amount. We’ll be using the phone for email, Facebook, YouTube and iPlayer streaming to see how much data we use over the month, checking in each Monday to see how much we’ve used and what the credit balance is.

three payg ayce data test starting values