Amazon US launches discounted Kindle with Ads

The Kindle has been a runaway success for Amazon, with ebooks outselling regular books, and Amazons aggresive Kindle pricing making the Kindle their best-selling product ever.

Today has launched their ad-supported Kindle (“with Special Offers“), allowing them to sell a Kindle at an even greater discount – down to $114 (£62.82) from $139 (£83.91) without ads – a saving of about £21.09. The current Amazon UK WiFi only Kindle is available for £111.00 so if Amazon release a similar version in the UK we could see the price drop to somewhere around £90.

What is the effect of the ‘with Special Offers’ promotion? Amazon states that “Special offers and sponsored screensavers display on the Kindle screensaver and on the bottom of the home screen—they don’t interrupt reading.” Examples of the offers are:

  • $10 for $20 Gift Card
  • $6 for 6 Audible Books (normally $68)
  • $1 for an album in the Amazon MP3 Store (choose from over 1 million albums)
  • $10 for $30 of products in the Amazon Denim Shop or Amazon Swim Shop

If the Ads really are as unobtrusive as Amazon claim, and they leverage your existing purchase history to target ads at you that you are genuinely interested in this may be a relatively inconvenient burden, and a simple way to save £20 on a Kindle. There are no dates for UK availability yet, but we will update you as soon as we hear anything.

Would you take an ad-supported Kindle to save around £20 on the purchase price? Let us know in the comments below.

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