Distimo, a company that gathers data on mobile App stores, has released its 2010 Full Year Report detailing the state of the  major App stores for Apple, Android, Windows Phone and RIM. It showed that while the Apple App Store grew the most in terms of total number of Applications, the Android Market had the highest percentage growth increase having almost 6 times the number of applications available one year ago.

Another interesting statistic is that the Google Android Market eclipsed the Apple App Store for iPhone in terms of
free applications and now has 134,342 free applications, while the Apple App Store iPhone has 121,845 free applications.

distimo free and paid apps across all platforms

Distimo also go on to predict that by June 2011 Android Market will have closed the gap on the total number of Apps to within 39,000 (from the 152,000 at the moment) and will probably overtake Apple by September 2011.

distimo app growth prediction across all platforms