britannica apps free easter giveawayA recent Encyclopædia Britannica study shows Apps are improving primary school childrens academic performance. The study conducted among 510 UK parents of children aged 5 – 11, in March 2011, reveals that two in five parents (40 per cent) who download educational apps say their child’s academic performance has improved as a result.

Apps such as the range offered by Britannica are of great educational value, making learning fun and interactive, and help children study in a way that school books struggle to achieve.

This Easter weekend all Britannica Kids apps, which normally cost £4.99 each, will be available for free between midnight today (21st April) and midnight on Monday 25th April. The Apps provide exclusive Britannica content on areas such as Ancient Egypt, Ancient Rome, Dinosaurs, Volcanoes, Rainforests and the Solar System – so make sure you take advantage of this great offer and download them all from midnight tonight onwards!