iPhone App Review: IMDB (Internet Movie Database)

IMDB iPhone App iconIMDB.com (Internet Movie Database) is my first and only source for TV and movie information. Why? Because it has answered my question, “What other movie has that chick been in before?” NUMEROUS times!

I’m constantly sitting in movie theaters watching a movie and some recognizable actor or actress comes across the screen, and I am instantly engrossed in trying to figure out what other movie or show I have seen them in. Without my iPhone, I don’t know how I’d function, but the IMDB iPhone app has saved me countless movie nights of racking my brain for the slightest inclination as to where I’ve seen this person before. This “memory brain freeze” causes me to have lapses during movies where I tune out and start searching deep within my inner movie vault to figure it out, while mindlessly consuming popcorn and staring far past the screen in front of me. I’ve missed really crucial plot twists in movies this way…

IMDB released their iPhone app back in 2009, but it has been one of the very few apps that has remained on my iPhone over time. It is tested and true, reliable and quick to access, and can answer any movie or TV question I may ponder while out-and-about. Can’t remember that movie Sally Field was in back in 1985? IMDB it! Forget the name of the guy who voiced Hamm in the Toy Story series? IMDB it! Google takes a backseat to trivia and instant answers when it comes to movies and television!

The other great thing about the IMDB app is that they have integrated so many useful features and extras to make it a well-rounded, useful app for movies, television, and celebrities. Check out today’s celebrity birthdays, or view your favorite actor’s ratings with other movie junkies. And if you’re interested in catching a flick on the big screen, the IMDB app allows you to not only check movie showtimes in your area at your local cinemas, but also gives the opportunity to purchase movie tickets straight from your iPhone! This in-app feature allows you to reserve tickets for a movie no matter where you’re at! Oh, what did we all do without all of this amazing technology?!

IMDB has been touted to be the essential “wiki” of the movie and television field. A plethora of movie trivia and data, if you will, all compiled on one amazingly helpful site. And to bring such powerful information to your fingertips on your iPhone is one great way to show that not only are they THE source of movie and television information, but that they’re nice enough to share their knowledge with a free downloadable app for iPhone users!


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