MultiStatus 1.0 iPhone App Screenshot

It seems as though everyone these days has a Facebook account and a Twitter account. If you’re anybody, you tweet through Twitter and you network through Facebook. But when it comes to having to maintain separate posts and links through different sites, it’s never “easy” to just update your Facebook status and then open up an entirely new program to update your Twitter account with the same status post.

Those days are no longer! Someone finally put two and two together and decided to create a program that allowed you to do both at once! MultiStatus 1.0 is a new app that allows you to link up your Facebook account AND your Twitter account, and post to them simultaneously without having to open up more than one app or program to do so.

When you first get the app up and running, you need to first establish connections with your Facebook account and your Twitter account through the application itself. A quick login into both will get you squared away and will make your app able to access the sites without future acknowledgment and permissions from you. Once you’ve gone to the “Settings” tab and done this, you’re ready to post!

To post, simple click the “Status” button to enable a message box to type your status post. You then have the option to update both Facebook and Twitter, or just one of them if you’d rather. Type your message, tap the “Update” button, and you’re post is made to the site (or sites) of your choice–immediately! Perfect! As my mom would say, “you’re killing two birds with one stone!” ¬†Although I do not condone or advocate the killing of birds with rocks, I will admit that the saying encompasses the efficiency of this app.

Now mind you, the MultiStatus 1.0 iPhone app is nothing to really look at. It’s app logo looks like a collegiate design with the block lettered “M,” and its design has a lot to be desired. However, sometimes simple is good. Instead of adding extensive bells and whistles, long-loading graphics and an overdone interface, the app is basic and simplistic, allowing essentially anyone to open the app and figure it out, without requiring a manual or “Help” section to get you through your first post. It’s so easy, my grandma could use it – and mind you, we’re talking about a woman that doesn’t even own a DVD player…

My final thoughts on the MultiStatus 1.0 app? A simple, effective app – and for free, what more can you really ask for?