o2 logoThe Sony Ericsson XPeria Play has been pretty hyped so far with a big ad campaign including prime time TV commercials with games interacting with real life. Availability of the device has been somewhat restricted though, with some stability and bugs causing some networks like O2 to delay the April 1st launch until they were happy.

Some networks seemed happy to let these issues go out the door, however Stuart Hibberd (head of O2 product testing) reported on the O2 Blog last night that “we’ve received new software from Sony Ericsson which we’ve been testing here and, I’m happy to report, it has fixed a lot of the bugs that would have stopped our customers having a great experience.”

So, good news if you’ve been waiting for the XPeria Play on O2 and wondering why other networks were already selling it, register for updates on the O2 Xperia Play site.