Speck are about to bring their range of cases, bags and covers to the UK. Available for almost any portable device you can think of from phones, to laptops to GPS units. Founded in 2001 Speck is known for its range of bright, colourful cases and skins for electronic devices like the iPhone, MacBook, BlackBerry, iPad and the new iPad2.

They produce a ruggedised case for the iPhone 3G/4 for people who need to use their phone in a harsher environment, and also a nifty watchstrap for the iPod Nano 6th Gen allowing you to wear it safely as a watch! The watchstrap is only £19.95.

Speck is also releasing a series of all-new cases for iPad 2. The Apple cover is ingenious, but it leaves the sides and back of the iPad2 exposed, something Speck has addressed with their cases, which offer greater protection and safety for a £400 device. The case is available in the UK at £32.95

Lastly is the innovative iGuy case for the iPad and iPad2, a great fun case designed to make an iPad easier for children to hold and interact with, and also serving as a stand allowing the tablet to stood up for displaying video or pictures freestanding.

We plan on reviewing some of the cases here.