By now you probably can’t have missed the introduction of the Apple iPhone 4 in White. Its being treated like the second coming, instead of simply an overdue second colour option, that has no explanation for its 11month tardiness. Except that White in an incredibly difficult colour to make, obviously.

But still, everyone is pushing it like the answer to world peace. O2 have announced it, Three have announced it, Vodafone have announced it, and even managed to sell one early. Still no word from Orange or T-Mobile yet, but I’m sure it won’t be long before they jump on board.

Truthfully though I don’t care, it’s such massive hype for a change of colour it borders on the ridiculous. It’s also very convenient to take some attention away from the Location Tracking Logging fiasco that is currently going on.

white iphone4 thicker than blackBut just when I was going to avoid writing about the whole thing altogether, news comes in that the white iPhone4 is thicker than the black version. Not a lot thicker, around 0.2mm, however that’s enough to potentially cause some third party case accessories not to fit!

Engadget has discovered this discrepancy, and while of relatively minor impact globally it does add a new twist to the ongoing saga of ‘white-frenzy‘. There is some speculation that the increased thickness is down to deeper more smash resistant glass, but nothing is confirmed yet.