lg watch phone gd910The LG Watch phone (GD910) was announced way back in 2009 and has had limited success due to the limited appeal of the form factor, and the pretty steep £520 or more price point. But now you can get your Dick Tracy on for a mere £250 thanks to the Orange Accessories Shop which is selling the device at over a 50% discount. We’re not so sure tis is the “must have gadget of the year” as Orange are claiming, but if you were considering one but were put off by the price, then now might be the time to pick one up.

The GD910 sports 3G connectivity, capacitive touch screen, voice control, speakerphone, has 256 MB Internal memory and LG claim a Stand-by time of 162 hours. It also supports A2Dp (stereo) Bluetooth so you can make calls and listen to music over Bluetooth headset/headphones if you want to be slightly more discreet.

Finally there is a front facing camera and it supports video calls, although no word on the camera quality or what format of video calls are supported, you certainly can’t load Skype on here. If anyone does pick one of these up please let us know how you get on with it.