The most creative and fashionable electronic products selling company, Apple, is going to introduce its iPhone5 with a highly improved design. The latest rumour in the news is that the iPhone5 is going to feature the curved glass screen. The fifth generation iPhone’s are expected to offer high value and ease of use of the phone in keeping with the expectations of Apple fans.


According to some reliable news sources on the internet, we have came to know that Apple have purchased about 200-300 glass cutting machines for their manufacturing stores. The machines are to be used for slicing the stylish I-Phone’s curved glass screen only. The Apple manufacturers are believed to be inspired from the other similar products like Samsung’s nexus S. The same type of touch screen with curved glass was provided by Samsung in their nexus S. Apple have already made products with same design, like iPod nano. So the new improved designs will be there in iPhone5.

Apple has now got some suppliers of glass cutters, laminators, cover glass and touch sensors for the raw processes of manufacturing of the iPhone5. The curved glass screen would give the iPhone5 a stylish look with improved usability and comfort. The next generation of the iPhone is expected to give its users a true touch of the latest technology.

The other exiting feature rumoured for the iPhone 5 is its high definition 8 mega pixels camera, its dual core A5 microprocessor, and faster internet access. But there may also be some drawbacks of the new features. The designers have to think about the increased battery usage.  There is obviously no statement made by the Apple officials about the launch of the product, but the manufacturing itself is about to start in the August 2011. So we’re just waiting for the new iPhone!