facebook logoFacebook is now integrating the Web Of Trust filtering system to block the posting of insecure URLs in status updates or links made by users.

The integration comes as part of an increased security measure to reduce the amount of hijacked posts containing malicious or spam links such as “Her parents will be mad when they see this….” or “I got a free iPad by visiting….” that are being seen more and more frequently.

web of trust logoWOT reputation ratings are used by a variety of companies like search engines, browsers, advertising platforms and security services, but Facebook is the first social networking platform to integrate WOT data into their safety system. “After nearly a year of meeting, talking about and testing WOT data, Facebook has integrated WOT’s community-powered reputation ratings into their security system to provide extra protection for their 500 million plus users.”

“Facebook cares deeply about preserving user trust and providing users with the best tools to enjoy a safe experience online. We are excited about our partnership with Web of Trust–they share similar goals and approaches in giving users better control of their online experience,“ says Jake Brill, Manager of Site Integrity for Facebook.