Hot on the heels of Amazon’s Cloud Drive and Cloud Player services, Google has launched it’s own internet based music storage and playing service – Music Beta by Google.

The service allows you to upload your personal music collection to listen anywhere, from the web or any enabled device with the Music app available from Android Market – requires Android 2.2 or greater. In a twist to Amazon’s service, Google also allows you to have the songs you’ve recently played be available offline, automatically. You can also select specific albums, artists and playlists¬† to have available when you’re not connected.

google music beta launched

Once you upload all your personal music to the Google servers, you can store up to 20,000 songs, you can create your own custom playlists, or (just like the Apple ‘Genius’ feature) you can use ‘Instant Mix’ to automatically build new playlists of songs from your music. At the moment the service is in Beta and requires an invite to participate – it’s also currently only available to people in the USA, but we’re keeping our ear to the ground for UK availability.

More details in the below video: