Lincolnshire Police have announced they have been trialling the use of mobile phone technology to pilot a new concept in transmitting fingerprints from the scene of a crime to the Fingerprint Bureau for processing. Using an HTC phone and a custom Immersive Forensics WP7 App they have been scanning fingerprints at the scene of a crime for speedy forensic lookup.

Ian Gledhill, Head of Lincolnshire Police’s Fingerprint Bureau explains,

“Lincolnshire Fingerprint Bureau and CSI experimented firstly with Blackberry phones using e-mail, but a mobile App was developed by Immersive Forensics allowing for ease of use and multiple fingerprint submission using a HTC phone running Windows7”.

At the moment only two Lincolnshire CSIs are using the mobile technology, but there are plans to expand this into a fully supported solution for the wider region as the system has already resulted in successful identifications and detections.

Image courtesy of Immersive Forensics.