lovereading the book recommendation website, has become the world’s first ‘one-stop’ shop for eBooks with the addition of Apple’s iBook support in addition to the existing support for Amazon’s Kindle service and the open source EPUB format.

Peter Crawshaw, Director and Co-Founder of Lovereading, says the partnership will “greatly” benefit the consumer.

As we already integrate ePub and Kindle formats, the addition of iBooks makes the destination site for any eBook lover to get expert guidance on what to read and buy in iBook, ePub and Kindle format, in addition to all the physical book formats.

Having the world’s first one-stop shop will greatly benefit consumers, making comparing and buying eBooks as simple and straightforward as possible.

In addition to integrating all iBooks on the iBookstore onto the website, Lovereading will also feature the iBookstore recommended titles. The service, “iBookstore recommends”, features six new titles a month selected by the editorial team at iBooks and supported by exclusive content and competitions.

The demand for eBooks in the UK continues to rise, with Amazon recently announcing they were selling more ebooks than regular books, much of the growth attributed to Amazons aggressive Kindle pricing and the popularity of the iPad as a book reading device.