Encyclopædia Britannica, following up on their great Easter App Giveaway, have today released their new Snakes App on iTunes featuring poisonous Adders, venomous Cobras and deadly Boa Constrictors. Aimed at children aged 8 – 12 the App charts human understanding of the reptile, from the oldest recorded fossils 120 million years ago to the modern day eight-metre long Reticulated Python.

The app has been developed from Britannica’s expert and curriculum-based content, which is specifically designed to help children with homework, projects and exams and to increase their understanding the wider natural world. Ian Grant, Managing Director of Encyclopædia Britannica UK said:

“Educational apps are a great way for parents and children to discover the wider natural world together. Our recent research reveals just how much parents value educational apps as learning devices and we’re proud to be at the forefront of developing exciting and educational content.”

The App will be available for £4.99 and you can WIN yourself a free copy by entering our competition….