nokia form strategic partnership with microsoftIn an interview with PC Mag Nokia’s vice president of smart devices, Jo Harlow said that:

We should be launching new devices in a rhythm that might be every couple of months, every three months, something like that.

The slow pace of Windows Phone hardware may be due to Windows Phone 7 being a “secondary platform” for manufacturers like HTC and Samsung, Harlow said. But as Windows will be Nokia’s primary platform, Nokia will focus more heavily on Windows Phones.

It looks like Nokia will be pushing their new OS strategy quite heavily, and why not as the deal with Microsoft was a ‘life saving’ move for the Finnish company, and sales of existing Nokia devices will start dipping this year as less people want to buy a new phone with a dead operating system. Nokia needs to come out strongly with new WP7 handsets that push the envelope of the current set of phones that are all very similar. Having a minimum set of hardware requirements is all very well, but so far very few manufacturers have done anything to exceed that minimum spec, and there are a number of dull ‘black box’ windows phones out there that need a new take to breathe life into them. A lime green solid aluminium chassis would certainly do that!