powermat logoWe love Powermat, their wireless charging system is so easy to use and benefits people with arthritis and other diseases that affect motor skills. We tested the iPhone4 charging system a while back and loved not having to plug in Apples lead connector. There is only one small drawback to the system, the fact that it uses technology proprietary to Powermat, and while this isn’t a huge deal at this early stage of wireless charging systems, it could become an issue as other system come on board and they aren’t interoperable.

So we are really pleased to see that Powermat have joined the Wireless Power Consortium and adopting the Qi standard.

Qi is the sign of interoperability between power transmitters and power receivers. A Qi receiver will work with all Qi transmitters.

As this standard is implemented we can look forward to Powermat products being compatible with other wireless charging systems, allowing you to charge your device on another branded but compatible charging station, which will be all the more important as you take your charger with you less and less.