emporia rl1Tired of over-complicated smartphones that you can’t understand? That you need your son, daughter or IT support guy to help you just make a phonecall? Basic ‘one function’ phones are almost impossible to find nowadays, but Vodafone have got you covered with the new emporia RL1.

The emporia RL1 has a clear and bright screen with adjustable text size, and is small enough to sit comfortably in your hand. It has large, clear buttons, a loud adjustable ringtone and vibrate option for when you don’t want to disturb others. An excellent feature is that when there’s an incoming call, a built-in torch blinks to let you know – ideal for those who are hard of hearing or who work in a noisy environment.

You don’t buy this phone for features which is a good job, as there aren’t many, but there is an alarm clock, a calculator and a birthday reminders tool. The simplicity of the phone and it’s small simple screen allow the RL1 to provide eight days of battery life, and a talk time of of up to 180 minutes.

The emporia RL1 is available on Vodafone for £60 on PAYG or free on contract at £10/month or above.