What to Expect From iPhone 5?

apple logoShould the iPhone 5 ever be released and live up to the rumours, will it perform relative to the new era of dual core smart phones? Will the new device skip ahead by miles as previous iPhones have done or will Android remain at the head of the market?

Well the most notable thing about the new Androids, such as the new Motorola Atrix, HTC Sensation and Galaxy S2 is their chip. Most have at least a 1GHz dual core chip. Well the iPhone will have something similar more than likely in the form of the new A5 chip it more than likely will have. This chip has shown itself to be a superfast offering in the iPad 2 and will no doubt be excellent in the iPhone 5.

But with the release of the next iPhone speculated to be some months ahead, possibly even in early 2012, the state of smartphone processing power could well have developed dramatically by the time it hits the stores. With this in mind Apple may have to produce something more powerful in the meantime.

Shape wise the iPhone 4 was a trend setter and as we don’t know how the new iPhone looks we can’t say for sure whether this will be the case again. However with history being such a great dictator, it could be easy to say that the new iPhone will be a trend setter. If rumours of the new iPhone5 Nano are true we may even see an explosion of new mini super phones, bucking the current trend of larger and larger phone screens. Only time will tell.

Expectations are that the new iPhone will get an 8mp camera. We believe this to be more than likely and this would position the iPhone 5 up with the best of the Android devices. It will possibly also feature 1080p recording as many other Android phones already do.

The big difference though between both sets has been the operating systems of the two kinds of phones. The Apple iPhone 5 is expected to get a new version of the standard setting OS, possibly an iOS 5 of some sort, which will needless to say be an improvement on the current operating system. Such things may really put the wind up the new Android Gingerbread phones and could be the area where Apple makes its leap ahead.

Mr Jobs will have to include Flash support and possibly expandable memory through SD cards to really push things to the limit and beat the Androids at their own game. It is suggested that the new iPhone will include 4G and NFC support, which would be welcomed by many users. We can also be sure as far as Apple is concerned there will be more surprises. It wouldn’t be an iPhone release without surprises. However, many of the speculated Apple OS updates would just be bringing the iPhone in line with features already present on Android, and we could be seeing Apple start to play catch-up with many features from now on.

The iPhone 5 will probably measure well up to and above the Android machines, however Apple is not in as secure of a position as it once was; which a testament to the leaps made in Android. With Android now being the platform to introduce many new industry features like NFC, 3D screens and dual core chips it might not be too long before Apple completely loses its innovative edge. The next 12 months will tell a lot.


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