Martin Tirion over at the Microsoft User Experience Blog has posted a story detailing how when lost at sea, it was his Windows Phone 7 handset and Bing maps that saved his life.

It seems he hired a small boat to go exploring while on holiday in Greece, and because of a “very bad map, bad instructions, bad supplies and an error in navigation” they ended up in the middle of open sea without fuel. His phone had service so he called the rental agency who dispatched another boat to come rescue him – based on his own calculations of his position.

They were drifting at sea for 4 hours, with winds picking up, and the waves getting higher, and there was still no sign of the rescue boat. Finally after 4 hours of trying to get a working GPRS data connection he got an accurate GPS fix on his position – a considerable way off his estimated position given to the rescue boat.

I have never been this happy to see Bing Maps on my Windows Phone zoom into the map and show the yellow mark of our location. Immediately I called the guys looking for us and informed them of our location. Finally we were found and rescued!