OK, we were wrong. There *can* be more Windows Phone 7 Mango release details leaked. We thought someone from Microsoft would have put a stop to this to make sure there was actually something left to announce on the 24th, but now it seems the event will merely be a case of ticking the boxes of all the things we already know.

The latest bits of information are small, but add to the already growing list of new features that will be revealed in the next WP7 update.

The Windows Phone Dev Podcast has acquired yet more screenshots of a couple of new features to be coming in the next update – codenamed Mango.

  • Smart DJ – akin to the iTunes Genius service, Smart DJ allows you to “hear a mix of music from your collection and from the Zune catalog if you’re near a known wireless network. Otherwise, if you don’t have a Zune Pass or if you aren’t near a known wireless network, the Smart DJ mix will just include songs from your own music collection.”
  • Disable the camera shutter sound – obviously, the option to disable the loud ‘click’ heard when taking a photo.