Android Phones have been a recent favourite in the smart phone trend, more so then even the Apple iPhone series. One area where the Android system scores big is the inclusion of multithreading which wasn’t as found in the early generation iPhones. The android system gave users the ability to run several applications at a time, though this was great, it did have its drawbacks, running several applications at a time greatly affected performance, and closing each application individually would be quite irksome.

Faced by such issues Microsoft Windows users will recall the handy task manager, an application that listed all running software and allowed users to kill applications directly, Handy indeed.

Windows Task Manager Fans will be glad to know that they have not been forsaken. The Advanced Task Killer for Android is everything they need, and it is not just for Microsoft Windows users, this application will be useful for all those people who wish to get the most out of their Android handset.

This App compiles a list of all applications currently running on the user’s android phone and offers the option of ending selected tasks thus freeing up valuable memory, processing speed and extending battery life.

All applications appear in a list with check boxes on the right hand side of the display, allowing users to tick only the applications they deem unnecessary and leaving the others alone. The application offers a smart interface and remembers selections made by the user so that the next time the App is stared up, the more frequently targeted applications are already ticked.

The applications also offers an ignore list to which applications can be custom added by the user to ignore is searches. The interface is easy to understand and convenient. The application offers an auto start feature and can also incorporate itself in the notification bar.

The Advance Task Killer offers two versions, the free version and the premium version, and unless you seriously dislike advertising in your applications there aren’t many reasons to buy the premium version, though of course it is always good to support developers! A must have application for all those users who demand more out of their phone.