We had to cover this as it’s simply amazing. Holger Buss from MikroKopter.de has been experimenting with lightweight multiple blade helicopters (Hexacopter in this case) with a mounted camera underneath for a while now, producing great aerial footage from a stable vantage point.

But now he’s gone one better, demonstrating Follow Me technology with the inclusion of a GPS receiver and compass with a helmet transmitter. At a wakeboarding water course he rides around the circuit wearing the special tracking helmet and the MikroKopter follow his every move from above maintaining height, direction and matching his speed entirely autonomously. It’s an impressive display and when available on the market we can see every snowboarding, skateboarding hero using it to film their own action movie sequence from above! The video is fantastic, so take the time to watch it.

MikroKopter – FollowMe on the Wakeboard from Holger Buss on Vimeo.