World’s largest book seller web Amazon is now entering in the tablet PC manufacturing business. The latest range of android tablets of Amazon will be in the market in this year. The company says as the news to be an “open secret”.  We have been confirmed the news to be not just a rumor. The various sources from Taipei and other famous analysts have been talking about the same. If this news is not a rumor then we will get a new tablet product from Amazon by the end of this year.

The Amazon tablets will be having smart features and Android OS. There are two tablets to be in the news; first one is having a wide display screen of 10 inches and another with 7 inches display. The codename of the 7-inches model is “Amazon Coyote” and the 10-inches tablet’s name is “Amazon Hollywood”.  Both the devices are fully featured with latest LCD touch screens. Amazon wanted to use the black and white and color display with switching possible. But some of the suppliers did not convince to provide the required display before 2013. Hence Amazon is now comfortable with the color Ink-like display.

“The Amazon Android device will not be good for business”, the iPad CTO says. This is because somehow business persons are still focused onto the blackberry type devices with QWERTY keypad and standard features. Tablets are good devices for the content management and other business applications. The Amazon has also acquired the touch screen company ‘Toucho’ for providing excellent touch screen facility for the upcoming tablet device. The Amazon and Toucho combo may bring some new technology in the touch screen market. May be they change the way we touch the devices. The Amazon tablets prices are rumored to be $349 for the 7inch tablet and $449 for the 10 inch tablet but are not yet confirmed.

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