apple remote shutterOne of the minor additions to the iOS5 announcement was the ability for you to activate the camera from the lock screen, saving about two steps in getting the phone ready to take a picture.

The other thing people moaned about was the fact you had to press a spot on the screen in order to take a picture, often jerking the phone slightly and causing a loss of focus, and making ‘self portrait’ style shots extremely hard!

So Apple added the ability to use the phone’s volume up button to take a picture when in the Camera App – which is a good work around within the constraints of the existing iPhone hardware. And if we’re honest we don’t expect to see a dedicated camera button coming anytime soon with Steve Jobs’ button phobia being well documented.

The good news is that you can also use the volume up button on any compatible accessory to take a picture too! meaning you can now position your iPhone on a table or on a mount and take a photo without touching the phone at all – which should lead to even greater picture accuracy! Good going Apple…