June 6th we reported that an Apple store in Hamburg has been ‘decorated’ by some kindly Microsoft lovin’ fans who attached a large Windows logo to the outside of the black boarding hiding the construction of the store inside.

Well in a classic ‘hit the same place twice’ move, they’ve been back and done some decorating again!

Fscklog.com shows some images of the same store, this time with some ‘chalkboard‘ style decorating mocking the way Apple fanboys love to queue up outside stores to be the first to get whatever cool new product is being released. You’ve got to admire the audacity and persistence of these guys, although sadly there’s no filming taking place this time. With this attempt far harder to disguise as legitimate work the possibility of strolling up in high-vis jackets and hard-hats was less believable.

apple store hamburg graffiti 2

apple store hamburg graffiti 2 camp here