The Computex event is going to be happened in Taipei, Taiwan from 30th may to 3rd June 2011. It is one of the most discussed topics on the internet in these days. Major IT companies like Intel, Asus etc are going to present their new ideas and other important information that is not revealed yet. The main attraction of the event is the ASUS’s teaser tablet device. The current week is tagged as ‘teaser week’ by Asus. They have announced to release a next generation device in the Computex and the device is going to be more advanced in the pad and phone market.


Some of the product pics are out in the market by Asus.  Asus has asked about the product ‘pad or phone?’  The product seems to be something between pad and a phone. We have gathered some images from the Asus’s Facebook page ‘break the rules: Pad or Phone?’  The pics demonstrate some of the most attractive tablets by the ‘Asus Design’ team. The new device is supposed to use mixture of materials including brushed aluminum and glass, which gives the impression of a high-end device. The surface of the device seems smooth and slim. Asus has not specified any technical details about the product and announced that it may release some information during this week.



Asus has kept all secrecy in the further details about the product. Even the name of the device has not been announced yet. There is no any release or leak available that tell about the design, name or type of the new Asus device. All we know is that ASUS will reveal all details in the press conferences on 30th may 2011, 4pm to 5pm (+8 GMT) and 31st may 2011, 11am to 12 pm (+8 GMT). So we have to wait until the Computex event for the actual information about the product.

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