We love Evernote, its a great tool for capturing text, audio and images in searchable notes on your mobile device. And now its been released for Windows Phone 7 too….

Evernote has posted that they are pleased to release their note taking software for Windows Phone 7 adding to their line of “13 different versions of Evernote for just about every major platform out there”.
evernote for windows phone 7 released

This version of Evernote is designed from the ground up for Windows Phone 7. Once you’ve signed in and gone through a short initial sync (existing users only), you’ll be greeted with the all new Windows Phone 7 interface that fully embraces the glance and go sensibility of the platform—it’s unlike anything you’ve ever seen from Evernote.

Grab your copy today by searching for “Evernote” using the Marketplace application on your Windows Phone 7