iPad owns web traffic in the UK for tablets

comScore have released data from their new “Device Essentials” tool that gathers data from device category, allowing us to see for how the proportions of mobile (non computer) web traffic are split.

In the UK during May 2011 the iPad has 21.3% of mobile device web traffic, compared to Android and “Other” tablets which manage 0.3% combined. the mobile phone space is somewhat closer, with the iPhone having 29.9% of traffic, Android having 15.1%, “Other smartphones” (RIM, Nokia, Windows Phone) at 15.0% and finally Feature Phones at 8.2%. Other devices such as the iPod touch account for the remaining 10.2%.

Data on the “Newspaper Site” category is also quite interesting, with the UK having the lowest percentage of any country surveyed for Newspaper Site access on a computer at 90.2%. Mobile and Tablet access make up 9.3% which shows the highest mobile readership of Newspapers sites.

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